Enchanted Farbrics are excited to offer our US customers a Shop Swop option... read on! 

We have teamed up with                             to offer you some of their amazing prints.  .  This option works for our UK patrons too that would like to order from Kimmy B's - click the button to check out what they have!

Upon checkout - use the code SHOPSWOP this will remove the shipping cost for you and once your order arrives and is ready to ship you will receive a invoive from Kimmy B's for the cost of local shipping.   

After the round closes it takes around 8-10 weeks to be printed and shipped. 
Please ensure you are happy to proceed with this timeframe before making a purchase.

Please note:
MOQ for Fabric, Panels and Hardware are as follows:
Fabrics - 1 meter
Panels - 2x adult, 3x kids
Zip Pulls - 10 pulls
Webbing - 10 meters

You are more than welcome to order from the                             which features all our past prints.... I do warn you there's a few pages!!