All you need to make to make a 6 x 10 hoop, swaddle baby doll (just add thread, stuffing and something to close the swaddle eg. poppers or velcro).

With all the supplies in one package it makes it even easier to make an adorable swaddle doll. Choose your skin, hair, swaddle fabric and customise your own kit, doll joint and 250g of poly pellets are also included. We've even included extra "skin" in case you need it :) Cotton knit and CL come with lining.

Please note, the fabric is not cut to size for each hooping, this gives you more versatlity with regard to what you do with the kit. If you would like us to cut your fabric for you and label each part for making Planet Applique's swaddle babyplease purchase the "cut & label swaddle supplies kit". 


You may choose to apply due diligence with the fabrics and furs in the supplies kit as 3 or more colours in each fabric/fur have been tested to EN71-3 (2019).


Whilst these supplies can be used for any project, they have been put together with the swaddle baby in mind, if you are intending to make the swaddle baby you will need an embroidery machine and you will need to purchase the pattern from Planet Applique.


If intending to sell your finished dolls you will need to CE test them, these kits are ideal as you may apply due diligence for EN71-3 to the fabrics and fur leaving only EN71-1 and 2 to be tested.

Swaddle baby kit (Cotton knit) 6x10 inch hoop