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PYO Bag Tags (200)

PYO Bag Tags (200)

Size available between 50mm and 25mm for this price mold fee of £65 - other ideas and larger sizes can be discussed.


If this is the first time getting your tags made there is a charge for the mold fee.

Minimum order is 200 but you can choose 2 colours so 100 rainbow 100 silver - if you have had them made before you will not need to pay a mold fee again.


If you would like a mock up of what you bag tags will look like - please contact me and i can arrange this for you - no purchase necessary for a mock design


The tags will be sent after full payment has been made direct from the manufacturer- a small import fee maybe payable.

    PriceFrom £68.00
    Price Options
    Pay in 3 with Mould
    3 Payments 200 Tags with Mould Fee
    £88.00every month for 3 months
    Pay in 3
    3 Payments 200 Tags without Mould Fee
    £68.00every month for 3 months
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