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Goof Face Panel 1

Goof Face Panel 1

Panel Sizes

50X50cm (19.5x19.5 inch) approx - logo placed in the middle

50x100cm (19.5x29 inch)   - logo placed above the middle

75x100cm (29x39 inch) approx - logo placed above the middle


Logo Size

Medium - 15x15cm

Large - 20x20cm

Extra Large 25x25 cm

All sizes are approximate


Please note colours may differ from the actual product due to screen or lighting resolutions and the base that it choosen for printing. Different bases absorb colours differently

Clear PVC and Glow in the Darrk Vinyl will have no background so will differ from the original picture

In stock and pre-order can be ordered together, however both items will be shipped together.


    PriceFrom £5.00
    Between 5-8 Weeks Delivery
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